Teachers Dancing at Our Events


We love teachers to get involved at our events however we want to ensure they are entered in an appropriate section for their teacher status to ensure our competitions are as fair as possible but still allowing teachers an opportunity to dance if they want to.

Please find below all the rules surrounding teachers entering the various sections on offer at our competitions. The guidelines below highlight the sections that are available to teachers at our main events aimed at Beginner- Advanced level dancers.  Please remember as our wristband policy states, that any teacher wishing to take part in any event under the below guidelines must be wearing a competitor’s wristband & not a teacher wristband.

What is classed as a teacher? We consider a teacher to be anyone who holds a qualification to teach dance or anyone who is actively taking lessons or classes without supervision. We are aware some of the teachers attending our events may also have children of their own dancing at our events however they must still follow the below rules under a teacher status and not a parent status.

Student teachers/ class helpers– We are aware there might be situations where you have class assistants/ student teachers in your school that perhaps help out with younger teams or similar. This can be a grey area especially when you may have students that are transitioning from dancers themselves into a teacher role at your school. We ask that once anyone in this position starts to actively teach classes or lessons for your studio and they’re doing the ‘teaching’ or involved in any part of choreography for your dancers, they should then at this point follow the above guidelines as a teacher. We are trusting dance school owners to make a fair judgment on this and ask if unsure

Teams– Teachers are not permitted to dance in any beginner team event or parent event. If a teacher wishes to dance in a team, that team must be entered in either the intermediate or advanced level category. Whilst we understand there may be different levels and ages of teachers that might want to enter, we ask that teachers make a fair decision in relation to whether they enter intermediate or advanced. Teams that have highly experienced teachers in, should be in the advanced category.

Duos– Teachers are permitted to enter duos however they are only allowed to enter the advanced level and not the beginner or intermediate level category. Teachers can not enter any parent duo.

Set routines– Teachers are permitted to enter our set routines however they are only permitted to enter levels 4 or 5. Teachers can not enter parents set routines.

Freestyle hiphop solos– Teachers wishing to dance in this section must enter the advanced category only. 

Quads– Because quads are open level and don’t offer a specific advanced level, teachers are not permitted to enter any quad category.

House battle- Because house battle is an open level again; teachers are not allowed to enter this category.

Fun Duos– Teachers are not permitted to enter any fun duo event under any circumstances. This is due to there being no levels in these events. Fun duos includes parent & child, mixed dance school duo, little & large.

Beginner- Intermediate level Events (typically held at Accrington Town Hall, Colne Muni)
We would prefer that teachers do not enter any category held at these events as they are aimed mainly at dancers that are less experienced and they aren’t designed to showcase teachers abilities. However they are permitted to enter only the highest level set routine & solo in the case where they really feel they should or want to. They are not permitted to enter anything else at these events including the team & duos events.