Set Routines

The facts

What is a set routine?

Hip Hop UK set routines have two elements both video in a way that is easy to follow:

  • One counts video showing the routine to beats and bars
  • One video showing the routine to music

Each of out set routines are between 16-32 bars (40 seconds – 1 minute) in length.  This means that they can be typically used 3-5 times over the duration of a song.

The routines are choreographed to work with the chosen music.  This means when they are used in classes they repeat over the full song.  This makes them great content for classes that will engage your dancers week after week.

The routines cover a range of foundation Hip Hop styles including; locking, house, waacking and commercial.  They are broken down in a way that’s easy to teach (even for non street dance teachers!)

What's so good about them....

Easy to Learn

Our set routines are created in a style which makes them easy to learn

Fuels Business

Regular routines give dancers something to work towards supporting regular attendance in classes

Build your Dance School

Our routines are designed to work and repeat throughout the music providing great content for classes that will engage your dancers week on week.

For All Ages

Varied levels to suit all ages and abilities

Great Music

With some of the latest hits and some old school classics, there's music to suit everyones tastes!

Builds Confidence

Sections in competitions dedicated to set routines, giving dancers the skills and confidence to compete

See them in action...

Street Dance Set Routines Hip Hop UK
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