Set Routines

What is a set routine?

Our set routines are split level pre- choreographed routines that are sent out to teachers three-four months before an event. There are typically five- seven routines to choose from at each event and dancers are usually permitted to choose one to enter (some events permit two, please see event programme).

Our set routines are broken down in a way making them easy to follow for teachers to learn and use in their classes (even for non Street Dance teachers!) Each routine has two video clips:

  • One video without music showing the counts or descriptions of the moves used.
  • One video showing the routine to music making it clear how it will be done at the event.

Each of our set routines are between 16-32 bars (40-60 seconds) in length.  This means that they can be typically used three- five times over the duration of a song.

The routines are choreographed to work with the chosen music.  This means when they are used in classes they repeat over the full song.  This makes them great content for classes that will engage your dancers week after week.

We understand what dancers typically like to learn in Street Dance classes. We understand the importance of foundation Street Dance styles and also that dancers enjoy learning commercial style routines to popular music. We bear this in mind when choreographing dances for our events and try to include both commercial style Street Dance and moves/ routines that use foundation styles across our dances. The Street foundation styles that we recognise as an organisation are Hiphop, Locking, Popping, House, Breaking, Waacking, Voguing, Krump, Afro & Litefeet.

Why they work so well- We know that often beginners really struggle to ‘freestyle’ in solo competitions. Over the years we have found that dancers can really develop their skills & confidence by learning a set routine where they know which music will be played and have peace of mind that all dancers in their category will be doing the same dance on the day. Dancers are able to take part in a competition where they perform their rehearsed solo set routine and from this, grow the skills to be more creative in their solo freestyle category too. As well as this, our higher level set routines cater for those more experienced dancers that can cope with harder choreography and enable them to compete at their ability range amongst dancers at the same level. There’s something for all abilities! Judges always have a difficult job in solo events. They love to see dancers perform our set routines as they can see everyone doing the same thing which of course it makes it clearer for them to mark. And this combined with the freestyle solo option for all dancers gives everyone a chance to compete again at the same event developing different skills between the two types of solo.

How to access the routines- Our routines vary between each event and are accessible to teachers. They are emailed to teachers upon booking a specific event for use in their dance classes/ lessons leading up to the competition. We also offer a subscription to our routines for general classwork/ exams without the commitment of attending any event. Please get in touch with us for more information about this.

What's so good about them....

Easy to Learn

Our set routines are created in a style which makes them easy to learn

Fuels Business

Regular routines give dancers something to work towards supporting regular attendance in classes

Build your Dance School

Our routines are designed to work and repeat throughout the music providing great content for classes that will engage your dancers week on week.

For All Ages

Varied levels to suit all ages and abilities

Great Music

With some of the latest hits and some old school classics, there's music to suit everyones tastes!

Builds Confidence

Sections in competitions dedicated to set routines, giving dancers the skills and confidence to compete

See them in action...

Street Dance Set Routines Hip Hop UK
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