Choosing an Event Suitable for Your Dance School

Here at Hiphop UK events, we run various types of Streetdance competitions. Please find some information below on the events that we offer to find what would be most suited to your dance school.

Our regular/ open events held at various big venues across the North- West

These are suitable for all levels from beginners through to advanced competitive dancers. Usually up to 5 or 6 sections for dancers to enter over the day including teams/set routines/ normal solos/ duos/ quads/ parent & child.

Our smaller/friendly events held in smaller venues across the North West

Theses are aimed at more of a beginner level as the venue is smaller so less people attend. We have more age categories so most events are straight finals or semi finals. All dancers are awarded a medal for taking part even if they don’t make a final round. Dancers can enter 2 solo options (either 2 set routines or 1 set routine & 1 solo). Plus 1 team event and sometimes we run a duo section at these events too. This is a shorter day than our bigger events. Ideal for dancers who are new to competing that you may not want to go straight out into a big event. Intermediate dancers welcome to attend however they must enter the higher level set routines.

Our solo/ duo only events

Suitable for all levels. Short day finishing early afternoon. Dancers can enter 2 solo options (either 2 set routines or 1 set routine & 1 solo) & 1 duo event.

Our 2 day event

This is an event run over 2 days. Starting Saturday around 4pm and finishing Sunday evening. Up to 10 sections dancers can enter over the weekend plus 2 workshops. Suitable for all levels. Tickets also available for single days.

Hiphop UK & Pulse Lyrical Contemporary

We also co-host a couple of events each year with ‘Pulse Lyrical Contemporary’.

This is a solo competition where dancers may enter up to 4 solos on the day. ( x2 hiphop solos & x2 lyrical contemporary solos). These events are held on Saturday evenings. Suitable for all levels.